Background to a tapestry of caring

Dorothy Impey Home has adopted the theme "Tapestry of caring" as our slogan. With this theme, we continue weaving together our total focus on resident care, involving the best "fabric" we can provide, i.e. weaving together the key elements of:

  • A Board, CEO and senior management team whose focus is to provide the best available care and living environment for our residents.
  • The care delivered by DIH staff members. Their expertise, experience and dedication is high. Above all, warmth and compassion for each and every resident with whom they interact is an underlying principle in the DIH philosophy. With low staff turnover, the ability to build strong rapport with residents and their families ensures meaningful continuity of care.
  • At DIH, staff members serve as advocates for residents, often developing close and lasting friendships with family members in the process. DIH is a home, which has a community feel and community soul.
  • Families of residents are encouraged to visit often and to take an active role in the care of their loved one.
  • Volunteers and community supporters work together to provide "special extras" in a home environment for our residents.
  • Business suppliers and supporters who enable us to provide our services to all our residents irrespective of their financial situation.

Resident centered care

DIH is "resident centered" and we value each resident's experience, life and achievements. We celebrate their special occasions.

We believe that our residents are entitled to the highest level of holistic care. As a service to meet the needs of residents with dementia, our staff understand that each resident's care needs are different, as well as their behaviours and responses to different situations.

We actively support each resident's family to be involved with all aspects of care of their family member who resides with us.

DIH is proud of our focus on the individual needs and rights of each resident. We respect the care and lifestyle choices and assist each resident to access their preferred level of interaction.

As a community-based organisation, we have had tapestries made by the College of Textiles showing the history of the site.


1. Our location, depicted by a Butterfly.

2. In the 1940s, it made aircraft wings
and later became a migrant hostel.

3. For many years until the late 1990s,
it was the College of Textiles.

DIHMusicandbutterflies4. Now it is the Dorothy Impey Home.
Lots of tea, music and butterflies!